Monday, 3 March 2014

Horaaaay For Pancake Tuesday!!!

You might call me an overgrown child, but my eyes light up at any mention of pancakes, and, Pancake Tuesday is definitely one of the highlights of my year! The tradition of Pancake Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday, dates back to the beginning of the Christian festival of Lent, when, for 40 days, in the days leading up to Easter Sunday, Christains resisted eating any 'luxury' food. Christians made pancakes in order to use up any 'luxury' items and also to resist temptation throughout Lent. Pancake Tuesday is still celebrated in many countries around the world, not only by Christians. 

I'm a huge fan of pancakes of all kinds - traditional style, American style and crepes, however, on Pancake Tuesday I always stick to the traditional....

Makes approx. 12 Pancakes 

300ml Milk
4oz Plain Flour (sieved)
2 Eggs
Pinch of Salt 

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1) Lightly whisk the eggs, salt and flour together in your mixer
2) Gradually add the milk as you mix
3) Leave the mixture to sit for at least half an hour before making the pancakes
4) Put your pan on the ring and melt one tsp of butter and a few drops of oil 
5) Spoon one ladle of batter onto your heated pan cook evenly on both sides 

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Some of you might prefer the slightly thicker American style pancake so, just for you...

Makes approx. 12 pancakes

260ml Milk
270g Plain Flour
2 tsp Baking Powder
4 tbsp Butter (melted) 
2 Large Eggs

4 tbsp Caster Sugar

1) Whisk your milk, eggs and melted butter together in a bowl / jug
2) Sieve your flour and baking powder into another bowl, mix and then combine the wet with the dry using a handheld mixer 

3) Put your pan on the ring and melt one tsp of butter and a few drops of oil

4) Spoon one ladle of the mix into the pan and using your spatula, shape the mix into a round shape

5) Flip until both sides are evenly cooked

To name a few of my favourite toppings....

> Nutella and Strawberries 
> Maple Syrup and Pecan Nuts 
> Nutella and Coconut
> Nutella and Icecream 
> Fresh Orange Juice and Sugar
> Ice cream and Baileys 


  1. These pancakes look lovely Paula!

    1. Thanks so much Reva!! :) Are you making pancakes today?