Saturday, 25 May 2013

A Tasty Trip to Torremolinos!!!

WOW, it really has been a while since my last blog post - I'm disgraceful :P I just haven't had a minute over the past few weeks with work, college and a deadly trip abroad. Firstly I had a full week of college assignment due dates too get through, followed by a stressful week of exams, and then I headed off to sunny Spain with my boyfriend to chillax for a week. We had a ball and ate mountains of deeeelicious food which I took plenty of pictures of, despite looking like a bit of a weirdo at the dinner table :P   

nacho chips with melted mozzarella and cheddar, spicy chicken, homemade guacamole and hot hot hott jalapenos

We tried this restaurant on our first night and couldn't resist going back twice more during the week - the food was absolutely delicious, aaaand they definitely made the best Mojitos in Spain :)

with creamy garlic butter, fresh salad and chunky chips

We didn't realise we were getting ourselves in for a fine dining experience at Gaucho's Steakhouse when we strolled in from the beach in casual summer clothes - it's a well hidden spot that serves absolutely delicious steak.


I'm a huge ice-cream fan so I couldn't resist a cone in the sun more than a few times thoughout the week :P My favourite flavours were definitely Ferrero Rocher and Kinder, but the coconut was well up there too :)


Passion fruit liquor mixed with Orange Juice is definitely one of my favourite Summer drinks, followed closely by White wine Spritzers with loads of ice and a lemon wedge - I'm not going to say how many glasses I may have drank during the week :P


  1. Looks like you had a blast! The food looks great and so does the view :) Hope you had fun! I could use a sweet vacation.. Spain has been high on my list of places where I want to go soon...

  2. Aw we really did have a ball and the food was absolutely delicious! I'd definitely recommend going there! Hope you get to go on a vacation soon :) :)