Sunday, 15 September 2013

Orange Butter Cream Squares

My triplet brothers made their debs a few weeks ago, and, being typically Irish, Mam asked me to make a few bite-size treats as their three dates plus their families would be arriving up the house. I decided to go for bite-size Mars Bar Squares and Orange Butter Cream Squares. Both were extremely easy to make and they went down a treat :) 



225g Butter (softened)
225g Caster Sugar
225g Self Raising Flour (sieved)
4 Eggs
Zest of 2 Oranges


100g Icing Sugar
50g Butter (softened)
1 tbsp Orange Juice


I never used to weigh up all of the ingredients before starting to get to work which was a bad move. Whenever I bake now, I weigh up everything beforehand which I highly recommend you do :)

1) Preheat your oven to 180C/ 350F/ Gas Mark 4
2) Line an approx. 30 x 30 cm flat baking tray with greaseproof paper .
3) Using an electric beater, cream the butter and sugar together.
4) When light and creamy, add in the eggs one by one and continue to beat.
5) Add in the sieved flour bit by bit and beat until the mixture is light and fluffy.
6) Then add in the orange zest and mix through.
7) Pour the mixture into the flat tin and put it in the oven.
8) After 20 mins check the cake (it should be golden brown, but if not bake for further 5-10 mins)
9) Leave the cake to cool on a wire rack while you make the butter cream.

10) Cream the soft butter and icing sugar together using an electric mixer until its really light and fluffy - BE PATIENT, it could take a while!!
11) Add in the orange juice and continue to beat through.
12) Leave the butter cream to sit while you cut the cake into small squares.
13) Then using the star shaped piping nozzle, pipe a small amount of the butter cream onto each piece of cake.

When serving, I like to dust over he squares with icing sugar - It makes them look that little bit prettier and it covers up any little mistakes ;) 


  1. these look so tempting. like most bite size goodies they look so hard to stop at one:)

  2. Thanks so much for your comment Megha :) I know it's so hard to stop after one they're so tempting! Sometimes i think I should stop baking altogether because I just gobble everything up! :) luckily I have three brothers to help me :)